Licensed Professional Counselor and Family Therapist

I offer the opportunity for you to change, the possibility for you to transform:

  • Individual counseling to help adults and teens transform from the inside out toward freedom and high self-esteem

  • Couples counseling to help couples build or reclaim closeness and intimacy

  • Family therapy to help families grow together through all of life’s challenges and stages

My counseling style:

  • A short term, caring, direct approach focused on resolution of issues

  • A warm, compassionate, accepting relationship with you

  • Transforming issues, not just talking about them

  • Change therapies, proven to promote positive change in you

Satir Video Lecture: From Coping to Congruence During Covid 19


Areas of Expertise

Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy 
Satir Family Therapy 
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy
BrainSpotting Trauma Therapy
Gestalt and Other Somatic Therapies
Trainings and Workshops:
Satir Family Reconstruction Workshops
Satir Therapist Trainings and Supervision


Contact Me

1065 Oakdale Place

Boulder, Co. 80304

Cell 303-931-4004
Please only contact during business hours. 

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